Detailed Solutions to Managing Crises, Risks, and Disasters


We have a five-step approach to starting and maintaining a strong client relationship.


Initial Consultation

We can meet in person, talk on the phone, or use Skype or Zoom to allow you to talk about your organization’s needs and the issues or challenges you’re facing. All of this is done in confidence and there is never a cost for this. After listening first, we will ask some scoping and situational questions to be sure we understand what you are looking for. If we can provide a solution set, we’ll tell you that before the end of the consultation. If we’re not the right fit for each other, we’ll also be upfront about that and provide some recommendations on who you might approach.


Agreeing on What We Will Do

If both sides agree to move forward, we’ll develop a short written proposal that will outline how we’ll work together with you and your team to address the issues. This will include some rough timelines, recommend some specific actions/deliverables, and provide very general cost estimates. You and your team can review the proposal and if all looks good we can work out the contractual arrangements to start working together. If there are things that need to be added, eliminated, revised, or clarified we will do that to ensure there is agreement on both sides before moving on.


Strategic Development

All projects start with a thorough review and assessment of the situation. From there the right strategy along with the right tactics will be developed in collaboration with your team. Identifying risks, key stakeholders, challenges to success, and ensuring agile and adaptable solutions are how we provide a 360º approach to strategy development. Capability and experience gaps will also be identified and training aligned to close those gaps.


Strategy Implementation

Being fully prepared is what helps ensures the best outcome for any action plan. This is why it takes time to fully develop a strategy and the team needed to implement it. In those cases where time is short, we can support your team directly and even be there on the ground with them to help guide crisis response.


Review and Assessment

After any major crisis, it’s crucial to have a thorough after-action review to assess how things turned out. We want to help you do that and will also offer our own assessment as well. Crises and major issues are never easy and even the best strategies face challenges all along the way. The most resilient and victorious organizations never stop learning and improving, even when the best know they can’t sit on their laurels. It’s our goal to develop a close working relationship with our clients. We will work very hard to gain and maintain your trust so it is also for the long term.