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Effective Strategies in Crisis, Risk and Disaster Management

Strat3 provides consulting and implementation services in three key areas: strategic planning, strategic engagement, and strategic response.

Strat3 can provide your organization with assistance from assessing, planning, and training all the way to helping you run your crisis response.

We provide a 360-degree approach that will ensure you and your team are prepared.

Our clients include national and state governments, international corporations, NGOs and associations, universities, and military forces.

We go beyond providing you plans based on theory. Our services are based on experience from the field and knowing what works and doesn't work on a national and international level.

Experience gained by being part of the team developing the strategy and then leading the implementation on the ground for major events. These include being in senior roles leading teams in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and for responses to the Haiti earthquake, Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and Hurricane Sandy.


We provide consulting services across a spectrum of ways for the most flexibility

From in-person, on-site consulting to virtual/teleconsulting, Strat3 can provide your organization the right support to meet your needs and specific circumstances. From risk and crisis management, risk assessments, crisis communication, brand, and preparedness audits to community relations and stakeholder outreach we can help you plan and engage for maximum effect.

Based out of the Washington D.C. area, Strat3 LLC is positioned to be able to connect quickly with clients and partner firms virtually or in person anywhere in the world.

We provide capacity building and training to improve your in-house teams

Our long term goal is to ensure your own staff can handle whatever events or incidents occur by working closely with them to develop the plans, identify and address capability gaps and exercise response processes and plans. During a crisis, your team needs to be prepared and confident in their efforts, not learning how to deal with an incident for the first time.

We provide a wide range of training and exercises to help all levels learn and gain experience in handling any issue small or large. If needed, we can be right there on the ground with your team to help guide their crisis response.


Specialized services and other capabilities are available upon request. 

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